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The creative and technical are closely related. We must apply creative approaches to problem-solving, while using art/creativity in practical ways. This amplifies our minds, enabling us to see that the answers and solutions are already here. We unconsciously and randomly live the ideal existence already – only the Utopean blueprint and its accompanying resources are scattered, like pieces in a puzzle. Thus we need to consciously align everything, by using the untapped 90% of our brains that is mostly the imagination. We may think that we know everything, and have seen it all. But do we understand what we know, and see everything in its ever-deepening/ever-revealing totality? For wisdom arises from the proper application of knowledge.

Once we recognize the dysfunctional system as being our vast, messy social bedroom, we can clean and reclaim it. We’ll understand that our cumulative knowledge, resources, and systems are part of a greater, humanistic blueprint, they’re not just segregated, inhuman institutions or chains. Ultimately, all systems, disciplines whether software design, ecology, engineering, biology, including AI, are either distant bridges to, or synthetic versions of a more dynamic, interactive reality: the OI system( organic intelligence); even AI( which is believed to be the endpoint of human progress) is a blueprint for OI.

Much of our cognitive dissonance stems from one of life’s most overlooked, yet greatest parodoxes: the initial separation of the very disciplines originating from our imaginations ( the sciences, arts, various schools of thought) which was necessary for developing the ‘limbs of the body’, so to speak – complimented by the even greater necessity to reintegrate them into the intellectual continuum( or more co-ordinated, developed body). The intellectual continuum is largely unknown and is therefore mostly imaginative in content.

This temporary separation of disciplines also corresponds to another base paradox: complications arising from the initial separation of universal consciousness, which was necessary for even greater unity.

However, due to the unresolved contradictions of history( various forms of segregation, class oppression and tension, lack of democracy) the systems have unwittingly become overblown, parasitic institutions that compromise our collective perceptions. This cognitive dissonance manifests itself in many ways: we think that some people are either good or bad, capable or incapable, and so on, and thus we unconsciously support caste systems. But a truly, integrated world society by way of a nourishing environment allows for ‘transcendental democracy’. This high democracy enables people to realize themselves, and co-shape fundamentally complimentary processes – the OI system being the paragon of all systems.

The OI system is a shape-shifting, multi-dimensional field, manifesting itself accordingly to our compassionate, permeating, unifying, non-discriminating perception( or ability to visualize beyond bias and conditioning) transparency and humility( ie, ‘convergence of perceptions’). We can use its malleable tools for creative and practical purposes as well – in this sense it is both the ultimate free energy system and highest artistic medium, where we co-shape worlds, avatars, and utilize their quantum tools and resources to operate systems which correspond to our physical systems.

This book is my attempt to use art in a relevant way, by symbolically revealing the diverse, yet complimentary blueprints of reality. Hopefully, it can stimulate people from all walks of life to tap into their unawakened, assimilative imaginations.

This book has an art gallery(I draw surreal beings and landscapes using holographic, remote-viewing-type techniques) a speculative essay about the possibilities of the OI system, an illustrated manual of OI technologies, an experimental parable about the importance and power of non- violence, and a collection of philosophical writings.

The experimental story, ‘The Non-violent Conspiracy’ is presented in the form of a plot outline and short story, for the purpose of elucidating the theme. It’s about the extremes god-like beings take in helping humanity evolve beyond tyranny, conflict, plagues, blood sacrifices,and dire prophesies. For one week, they brainwash people in a good way. The higher beings rebel against the cosmic laws of ‘supposed’ free will, and ‘oppress’ them to be the best they can be. They do this because they believe people have been subjected to the worst for far too long. They hope that humans will choose better when they become acquanted with the unexplored good, once ‘the week-long trial expires’.



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